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Fweebs new art direction

Hi all. Long time no chat. No, we haven't gone crazy with all the Christmas cheer in the air. We've been working on a new art direction for the update of Fweebs. as a sneak peek. Below is a snap of a concept level. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Genus Bombus

Snow is falling, all around me, children are playing and having fun. This can only mean one thing. It's that lovely time of the year where we get to spend some time with the ones we love. Aaah! Don't worry, we'll find time to work on our projects. Merry Christmas everyone.
Fweebs being updated for Android and iPhone

We are working on an hugely updated version of Fweebs for android and IOS. Here is an early development video with some of our ideas for new weapons on.

Fweebs out now!

The Fweeb hordes are coming! All that stands between them and The Hives destruction is your almighty finger to flick them back to where they came from. Oh, and you can also blast, crush and absorb their very souls. Play through endless rounds as masses of different Fweebs try to claim your homeland for themselves. They may be cute and fury but boy do they mean business.

Fweebs is a brand new castle defence game for Windows Phone and best of all its free. Play over 3 difficulty settings on ever more difficult rounds using all your weapons at your disposal. Also supports global highscore tables. We also endeavour to release new content over time, which will include new weapons, Fweebs and level types.

Genus Bombus are about 2 things, creativity and fun. We mostly specialize in apps, but have been known to dabble in eBooks and art work. If it is a source for creativity, we do it.

If you have any queries, questions, requests or just want to have a natter e-mail or tweet us by using the links at the top of the page.

We are the Bombus!